Completed Table Topper

I finished this table topper a few weeks ago. This was my first fully finished quilted project and I am so proud of it! It started out as a lap quilt but of course I didn’t take into account the seam allowances and it ended up as a table topper. I learned a lot of things on the way to completing this project.
I learned the importance of measurements (as I ran out of binding), the importance of seam allowances (which will obviously reduce the size of your finished product if you don’t take that into account), the importance of ironing (which will make nesting and matching seams much easier), the importance of extra rotary blades (I messed up good fabric with dull blades), the importance of preparation (how many times I stopped to wind a bobbin and then ran out of thread), and so many more lessons.
This piece lives on a part of my desk in my cubicle at work where I keep my family pictures.
I bought the fabric from WalMart. I think I used one print charm pack and pieces out of a white charm pack that I had. I referenced several hourglass quilt tutorials to get the basic idea and then went to it. I used a solid matching backing piece.

The little contrast piece of my binding serves two purposes. It hides the fact that I ran out of binding and it is a  “signature”but I have to decide if I am going to hand embroider my name on it or fuse it to the piece.

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