I’ve been very busy lately with work and with the kids because school has started and our lives are once again in a whirlwind activity of homework, Girl Scouts, Band, appointments and just life in general. In between all the chaos, I found time to learn how to make handmade journals. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and I borrowed a ton of books from my local library to learn how to hand bind my own books. My very first completed journal I kept for myself. I followed a very detailed tutorial I found on YouTube here and changed bits and pieces to get the purple one you see on the right. What do you think?

I am pretty obsessed with making journals now especially since I’ve found that there are tons of options to decide how to decorate it. This is very therapeutic and when I can’t work on a quilt, I’ll be doing this in my spare time! Check out my second journal also. It is one with a cupcake cover! The cover itself is made from a recycled box. It was either a cereal box or an Uncle Ben’s Rice box. The outside is a fabric denim from my fabric stash. The cupcake was hand drawn and cut from felt pieces. The bottom of the cupcake was hand stitched with brown thread and several beads were added to the top for sprinkles.  There are five signatures inside and each signature has 10 blank copy paper pages, two folders made from scrapbook paper and an envelope in the middle also made from scrapbook paper. The binding was made from crochet thread and hand bound. This journal was a ton of fun to create and I already have ideas for other journals. Please stay tuned for more journals and art pages!


                        cupcakejournal    cupcakejournalspine




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