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I’m interrupting this Blog Post with an important announcement…

Happy Spring Equinox! Today is the first day of Spring!. It is a time for rebirth, renewals, and new beginnings.

What am I getting at? Yes, I’m baaaaack!

I have missed posting and blogging. The holidays swept me away and I neglected my blog! I have so much to update but I am making a list (and checking it twice…hey I am a Christmas baby, I HAD to throw that in) of the things I am going to post about so I can hold myself to some sort of blogging schedule over the next couple of weeks. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come!

Let’s see what I have for a start….

  • Nyan Quilt update and finish
  • Iron Quilter update
  • MIL quilt update(I finished it and sent it to her)
  • Two baby quilts I made (1 finished, 1 in progress)
  • My box of WIPs
  • Oh, my NEW sewing machine that my darling sweetheart surprised me!
  • The box of goodies that a colleague of mine gave to me (wait until you see this)
  • The vintage sheets that another colleague gave to me (I think they’re vintage)
  • The pattern sale that I came upon at Joann Fabrics (even though I am a beginning sewer)
  • The bags that I made over the holidays as well as the aprons
  • My experience making vinyl/paper wallets from a tutorial on Martha Stewart’s site
  • The sewing swag I scored (say that three times fast) at Tuesday Morning
  • The test coasters I made using bathroom tile and a tutorial from Pinterest
and seriously, there’s more! I have been busy!
I’m considering moving my content over to my WordPress blog which is empty with default goobledegook so that is something that may also happen soon.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here. I am truly a newbie at this so please bear with me. I intend to use this blog as a diary of my crafting and quilting journey.

I am 37 and fairly new to quilting. I started one a few years back and never finished it. I just recently dove back in with arms wide open and I cannot tell you the joy and satisfaction it gives me.

I am going to add to this welcome post soon but I wanted to post a quick hello to my visitors!